Indian Ocean Trip

The Leaders of Tomorrow children with ‘Babu’ Pete Oneal at left, sister Mwajabu in the middle, and ‘Mama C’ Charlotte Hill Oneal. They’re on their way to the Tanzanian coastal village of Kikombe, in the big blue Leaders of Tomorrow bus. The bus carried them on rough roads from 7am-11pm with only one breakdown to the estate of a former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda judge. The exhausting trip was well worth it for the adventure they had at the sea.


Maria dives into the  Indian Ocean as her fellow Leaders of Tomorrow splash in the waves.

Above: Baba Niya, a former lifeguard, stands watch as Maria, Ayubu, Joshua, and others swim in the shallows.

Babu holds the hand of Aziza, a new local friend from Kikombe.

Omari and the other children in the background.

Below: Cresious, 5 years, lounges in the tide.

Selemani gently holds an seashore crab.

Below: Queen and Omari in the waves as others experiment with holding their breath underwater.

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