Supporting the Children’s Home


Here at the UAACC, all of our programs, including the Children’s Home, are funded through donations and personal funds. We provide housing, food, health care, clothes, school supplies, regular electricity for the children to study in the evenings and extra school lessons. Extra expenses go to the maintenance of cars and cost of petrol for buying supplies and taking children to the doctor when they are ill. Donations to the children home would be greatly appreciated. Help with our everyday maintenance as well as additional projects are essential to keeping the UAACC and the Children’s Home running.

We are honored to offer you the opportunity to join hands with us in this historic effort! It is far better to work towards changing the lives of 21 children than to be content with viewing the media’s daily portrayal of disadvantaged youth in under-developed countries. We, you and I, are in a position to set an example for others to follow, to do something positive and concrete, to give these children a chance for a brighter future.

We have the power to do these things, all it takes is the will to make it so! 

Please join us, 

be blessed, Pete O’Neal 

You can use the very secure  link below to donate to the Children’s Home



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